Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Favorites

"Crystal Wonderland" Guiliana Rancic (Photo Credit- Jason Merritt)
"Natural Goddess" Viola Davis (Photo Credit-Steve Granitz)
"Sequin Me Crazy" Ellie Kemper (Photo Credit- Steve Granitz)

New-Found Home Essentials!

As I was doing my usual internet roaming (while avoiding homework), I stumbled across a section at Urban Outfitters online I never explored; the "Apartment". They have some hot, some spendy, but some affordable items that are must haves for my tiny dorm. Here are some essentials that I might have to go snatch up:

 1. Handmade Paper Lantern
2. Cafe Chairs
 3. Flourish Storage Side Table
4. Laboratory Flower Vases

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Minimal Animalist!

Fashion is very risque these days. However stretched out style is, one branch of print still needs to be moderated. Yes everyone, I am talking about animal print. There are definitely some rules with it and some people do not follow those rules. Wearing animal print walks a fine line that is easy to cross into a "Oh no you did not do that girl (or boy)". So here is my example of good use with animal print. I am a minimalist when it comes to animal print. It is always important to use solid patterns to calm the print down. And bright colors go very well with animal print.
Hola Chula!

1. Blazer: Xhilaration Knit Blazer
2. Shoes: Betsy Johnson "Sophiaa" Pumps
3. Bag: Gianni Bini "Cynley" Cross-body
4. Necklace: Gold H&M

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vintage Birdies

H&M Blouse
They have done it again! This is such a vintage chic blouse. It combines elements of 1950's flare with 90's modest/immodest spunk. Love it. Pair this with a bright red mini pencil skirt and simple oxfords! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pump it up!

Listen, I don't wear pumps other than to church and special, very special occasions so its hard to find cute pumps that  work for church and when you go out. Word of advice, you can not wear club shoes to church. So here is a small list I compiled that are double duty shoes honey!
Kelsi Dagger "Lola" Platforms

These are tall, simple, and classy. You can not go wrong and for those who just like a little extra spice, the cross stitch encircling the shoe adds a little flavor!
 Sam Elderman Scarlet Pumps
HOT! These are so adorable! Once again, these appeal to those who like taking risks with what they wear. Pair these with a simple black dress and a vibrant colored clutch and you are set!

Vince Camuto Jorgie Colorback
Listen, the 70's and 80's heel styles are back and are here to stay. This shoe combines elements of vintage, with new age and is retro all in a single package. Hello Sexy!

All these shoes are on the higher spending side, on a college student's budget. All of them are between $90- $120 which for some is chump change, but for me, is significant. However, you can always look good, and be a thrifty shopper. Oh yes! No club shoes in church please!