Friday, August 31, 2012

Home will always be where my heart is...Africa

I am back dolls!

It has been 7 long weeks and I have missed belonging to my blog in every way. I had a wonderful time at home and I dearly miss my relatives and my friends so much. It was 9 long years since I had seen my granny and my aunts, uncles, and cousins. So I was overwhelmed with joy and tried to live in the moment and enjoy the each second that passed. 

Now I am back in the States and am overwhelmed with my American reality. I am greedily trying to work as much as I can so that I can gather enough money before I begin school again. Sadly, as soon as I landed back in Portland last Saturday, I had to work 3 nights straight. What a bummer! Then, I got some type of flu (not a cold) when I got off Tuesday morning and have been really sick for the last couple of days. However,
my life has to continue. Tajli (my bf) is here attempting to care for the sick but he has been watching soccer and sleeping. But I do appreciate his company! 

I love pictures and here is a short (a few out of 1300) compilation of Africa. 
I love you guys, and remember I have lots coming your way 
(jewelry, vintage haul from Mom's closet in Africa, and lots lots more).

Uncle Brian, mom's young brother (absolutely love him)

Mommy and my shadow (yes she loves to look nice too)

Mommy in her African attire and gogo'mncane (small granny-granny's lil sis)

Bro and Sis (check out Uncle's shoe game)

My baby (not quite a baby) cousin Nenge in maxi (Old Navy)

Granny is such a lady,  fit, and petite but she is tall. (taller than me)

I finally know why the caged bird sings and this a GREAT read

Childhood bestie Zinzi, i love her

Botswana money

The food in Africa is DELICIOUS idk y

Everyone sun bathes...this was after church

My sweet cousin Si and myself (she was judging me for sunbathing for so long)

My wonderful mommy-to-be (cousin Xoli)