Friday, April 25, 2014

Portland/Oregon Coast Things...

Lincoln City, OR Beach 47
So last weekend, I totally went on a weekend trip with my oldest bro Makho to my fav city and my old home Portland, OR. I love that city and everything it has to offer! Portland is just a place of its own, filled with awesome hippies, fun activities, and great food! And for someone like me who loves my environment, it is the perfect place to visit! Portland is one of the greenest cities in our nation; we are forced to recycle duh. It was a great influence in my life because now I recycle religiously...and even compost!    
Anyway, after a 2 day escapade in Portland with my brother (food, shopping, and casa zen), we headed to the Oregon Coast for 2 days. It was relaxing except that our beach rental was borderline crappy. The view was great tho! Im hypersensitive to some detergents like arm & hammer. So I was itchy like all over, could not sleep. I actually had to buy Benadryl to survive and make it through our coastal trip. We got there and immediately took a 2 mile walk up and down the beach. will heaven be like because that was gorgeous! Then went to try out a seafood place... I'm like yea, try again! Lincoln City, OR is not good for yummy food. It was a mess, okay but not great! Even Walla Walla, WA has a much better food scene than Lincoln City. However, all was good! I got some great and expensive smoked salmon on my way out of town. So my hors d'oeurvres will be one upped for a little while. Anyway, enjoy my visual compilation of my trip...and go to Portland, OR. It's a must go...


Healthy Mexican food...and quite tasty

Portland City Grill w/ Makho

Thursday, April 24, 2014

TRBK Campaign Trail

Two posts ago,  I announced that I had partnered up with my brother and his girlfriend Tasha to form . The excitement obviously was just too real! I decided to share on my blog pictures from our campaign trail prior to our launch because they were pretty fantastic. Tash, my brother, and I are all pretty fashion savvy and forward thinking individuals. So this venture, is driven by passion, and also so much fun!!! We are enjoying the ride along the way and soaking it up!

The amazing thing about our company is that it is a true startup. We are writing the blueprint along the way, being guided by varying ideas and concepts, yet playing cards by trying new things. We have been blessed by the passion, commitment, and effort of all parties and we are anxiously awaiting the day when we can pop bottles and chill. It will come...

T. Ngazimbi, Co-founder, Lead Buyer,
Sustainability Coordinator

Tasha, Co- founder, Market Analyst & Strategist

Nonee, Co-founder, Media Manager

The Everyday Bag

I am a sucker for new bags! Each Spring, I purchase a new everyday bag. I have literally been on the hunt and its been hard. I usually go for a more expensive bag knowing that I will wear it everyday as my go to bag! This is a short list of my choices minus the animal print fossil tote I am dying for! lol This list includes Coach, Fossil, and Madewell! Au revoir

The Everyday Bag

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Rad Black Kids

Poppin' bottles I was, yesterday as I celebrated the launch of our clothing company The Rad Black Kids. It was such an exciting moment to finally live out a dream to be part of an apparel company! So excited and hope that you guys will visit our store and cop some cute stuff for yourselves! This outfit is so fiery sexy to me! I love it! The shoes are from the new Gx by Gwen Stefani line for I love shoe dazzle btw, they have super sexy and classic shoes for anyone's needs! This tee I am rockin' is a super perfect fit for this look! It is a 3/4 length sleeve, heavy tee 100% cotton, fits well around hips and has scooped bottom! That is what I love about this line is the attention to detail! All the apparel was hand selected from varying sources to match the aesthetic of the company. Shout out to T. Ngazimbi, my brother, for doing such a great job at the collection and also to Tasha, the other co-founder for all the amazing work she has done! Kudo's to this team!

Tee- Team '85 tee c/o ($40)
Skirt- Forever 21 (currently on sale on my closet for $10)
Red Pumps- Gx by Gwen Stefani for $29.95 (currently for VIPs)
Lippie- Ruby Woo by MAC for $16
Rings- Ebay for total of $6

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The E V E R Y D A Y bag

Ahhh how refreshing this outfit is! Recently, I have been into blues like crazy! I feel like its the spring I need light and fluffy colors to brighten up my home and wardrobe like blue, mint, lavender, peach, salmon etc. I love those bright and vibrant colors! This post is entitled the everyday bag because of this gorgeous burnt orange hobo tote that I discovered I can rock with anything, anywhere! This is like the ULTIMATE bag, like yea, for real! Turbans all day and hugs and kisses :)

Scarf- HM for $3
Floral Silky Tank- HM for $5.95
Necklace- Target for $9
Velvet Ankle Pants- Gap for $11
Sneakers- Superga via Ross for $11
Boyfriend Shirt- Thrifted from mom's closet
Hobo bag- Chacal Taylor gifted from bf
Lippie- Ruby Woo by MAC for $16
Bracelet- Forever 21 for $5