Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vacay Recap Part 2 of 3

1st Leg of my journey was an appetizer taste of Dubai in the U.A.E and I was floored by the city in how grand it has been made to be. However, the only not so amazing part of the city, was how artificial everything was; which is understandable because you are making something out of nothing. It is the desert we are talking about. Dubai was incredibly HOT!!! I barely could take it. So I vowed that I will be going back but in the winter when it is hot, but not as hot! And I can enjoy the cool nights! 2nd leg, was Bulawayo! Bulawayo is home and so there my heart lays. I enjoyed being home. I felt like I spent most of the time there eating because I was craving everything I have missed at home (chips, pies, cream soda, samosas, traditional yummies). So this post will mostly be about Bulawayo and snaps I got there. If you would like to see some Dubai pics, click read more and they will be at the very end...

Welcome to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe!



Mom and cousin 

Mom and Uncle walking on the street I grew up on

My lovely and beautiful mommy
Les Twins (Musa and Thando) and my newest baby cousin Yandile

My nieces and my baby cousins on the chair
Baby especially loved her older cousin
Re-celebrating graduations for my granny to participate in graduation...

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Rad Black Kids: | F A L L |

Together, we dropped a new collection. And without further due, I give props to our Creative Director Thulani Ngazimbi, who is also my brother! And also our Media Market and Analyst, Tasha! Kudo's to these two because they worked tirelessly to deliver perfection! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Red for the Win...

I have this unGodly obsession as of late with heels and the color red! Today was a very nice and chill day! I totally enjoyed being home, getting stuff done around my casa (which is a hobby in itself). My bf and I, spent the day detoxing from the week and also preparing for the week ahead of us. Grown up life is crazy; its like being in school that never ends. It is the same cycle for the rest of my life. And that is why I am determined that I will not look back on my twenties with despair but will really indulge in my entrepreneurial skills and do something, anything that will give me my own schedule! I hope to muster up the motivation and courage to do everything in life I wish to do!


Dress- Peter Pilotto for Target for $13
Sandals- JustFab for $39.99
Purse- Urban Outfitters for $9.99
Bracelet/Necklace- c/o AfroBeat Jewelry

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Vacay Recap Part 1 of 3

So I disappeared for a while because I have been working so much (recently went full-time) and also went out of the country for 3 weeks. Of course, being a true blogger, I made sure to catch the most of the outfits I could while I was gone. I had a pretty freakin' awesome layover in Dubai...Emirates being the amazing airline it is, put me up in a hotel overnight and paid for meals; stupid awesome! Anywho, here are a few shots of outfits from Seattle, WA, Dubai, U.A.E, Johannesburg, SA, & Bulawayo, ZW. I had one small suitcase so I did a lot of recycling...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bey Inspired...

One of my fashion icons is Beyonce! I love her out of the box is unique, non-molded, and refreshing. I am even more excited to be seeing her in concert two weeks from tomorrow. Anyway, I have been working SO much that I haven't been able to blog like I would like to. I am working like crazy currently. But here is I. I bought these gorgeous booties from  shoe dazzle for $5...yes just $5! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I hope you enjoy this look and I love feedback! I think I speak for all bloggers alike  when I say fashion is my art...

Faux Leather Top- JcPenney for $7
Pencil Skirt- Target for $9
Open-Toe Booties- for $5
Necklace- HM for $3
Bracelets- c/o of AfroBeat Jewelry

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let's Play Host: Bridal Shower

In 26 days, one of my college besties is getting hitched and I could not be more ecstatic to be part of this shebang! This past Sunday, her sister Fran, my other bestie Evie, and myself hosted her ever so delightful bridal shower and it was amazing! We had so much fun acting like grown women and we played our roles really well while still staying true to ourselves. It took months planning this whole event but it came together so well! A special thank you to all the women at the North Cascades SDA Church for all taking time out of their lives to come celebrate with our Georgia. Here are a few snippets from the event.

We had a huge challenge on our hands to turn a youth house into an upscale, lounge fit for a queen. The chief decorators Evie and Erica, did such a wonderful job decorating the tables and Fran did such a great job being the chief hostess! Thank you, thank you, and thank you for making this a success! And I, the DIY queen, had so much fun doing crafts for this wedding...from an unused Photo Booth, to the "FROM MISS TO MRS" was just too much fun!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Green Mamba...

Up till about 2 months ago, I was not a fan of Seattle, WA. I was a die-hard Portlander since I lived there for two years and had fallen in love with this city I had called home. Then, I went to the Capital Hill neighborhood and I was in awe. It was such a progressive area. I then realized that Capitol Hill was the cultural epicenter of Seattle and saw a glimpse of what living there would be like. It was a baby San Fran although I have never been to San Fran...but it was artists paradise. No one was a "cookie cutter" like the rest of Seattle...everyone had their own footprint/ identity and embraced it wholeheartedly. I love those types of sub-cultural areas because I thrive on individuality and self-expression. Anyway, while roaming around Capitol Hill I found a thrifty and nifty store called CrossRoad's Trading Company. I am in LOVE! It is an awesome 2nd hand store with amazing finds. The buyers are very careful of what they buy. So everything is rad-ical and in style. Find one of these stores if you are ever in an area where they have one...flippin' worth it! My gorgeous maxi is totes from there and was a steal! 

Denim Shirt- HM for $24.95
White Tank- HM for $7
Scarf for Turban- HM for $3
Ivory Feather Necklace and Gold Disk Earrings- C/O of AfroBeat Jewelry
Faux Snakeskin belt- Target for $9
Neon Purse- Target for $14
Pleated Maxi Skirt- Crossroads Trading Co for $10
Sandals- Report frm UO for $9.99

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Spring to Summer...warm meets hot

The major transitory period in my closet centers around the transition of do achieve cuteness, while dressing season and weather appropriate? It is definitely learned trait. Layering is a great way to achieve this. Spring in the Pacific Northwest is sometimes not "tank top" ready weather. Its perfect temperature for a light cover-up, medium-long pants, and skirts. Spring to Summer is also one of the easier transition periods in comparison to other seasons. Regardless, you know that it will always be relatively warm. This is #ootd is from a couple of weeks ago...I am just that late. But I went to a little hole in the wall Mexican place for some mole con pollo (chicken with mole). This little spot tucked away in a worm and bait shop has the best Mexican food and town and also features a very appealing mural...

Maxi- Thrifted at Crossroads Trading Co. Seattle for $10
Tank- Target for $3
Jacket- Small Boutique in South Dakota for $15
Moccasins- Bucco from Burlington Coat Factory for $13
Necklace- Old Navy for $4
Hat- gifted from my mama
Handbag- "The Everyday Bag" gifted from my bf
Earrings- c/o AfroBeat Jewelry

Monday, May 26, 2014

Tres Shoe-Struck!

Tee- c/o @theradblackkids "Mainstay" Tee
Camo Jacket- +Urban Outfitters  for $30
Mini- +Wet Seal  for$10
Skinny Belt-  +Target  for $9
Scarf for Turban-  +H&M  for $3
Croc Loafers- Topshop +Nordstrom for $35
Earrings- c/o AfroBeat Jewelry
Black Sandals- Prabal Gurung for +Target for $10
Neon Pumps- +Charlotte Russe for $10

Thursday, May 22, 2014


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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stylin' on the Track

I LOVE rockin' TURBANS!!! Have I said that before? Well, if not, now I am. There are a lot of days when I do not want to bother with my type 4c hair and during those days...I turban away! So its funny but my bf and I are always looking for new places to take pictures for TPJ, and we stumbled upon the track lol. Definitely not the greatest, but its not bad at all. Oh yea, remind me not  to take pics in the sun please next

Tee- "OG Classic '85" c/o
Pants- HM for $10
Pumps- Jessica Simpson via Little Black Bag for $13
Turban Scarf- HM for $3

Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's Spring...Graduation time

A year ago almost, I graduated from college with my bachelors in nursing. It was the first time in my life, I was overly proud of myself. I had worked my butt off to get to where I was and now I was reaping the fruit of my labor and it tasted, delicious! All the running around looking for the perfect outfit was not in vain. My graduation was outside and in the grass. So I needed wedges and a gorgeous and timeless sundress. I originally had purchased a $100 dress that I didn't quite love, and then I went back to JcPenney, one of my favorite stores, and found my true love, for $14...gasp! I was ecstatic. I also found my shoes by fossil at for $39 which was a steal...they were 5 inch, thick healed, platform peep toe pumps. So sexy! I paired my look with minimal jewelry, rocking tear drop cubic zirconia's from claires, and long twist braids! I looked just as great as I felt. I thought this post was relevant because it was such a long search for the perfect everything. I thought, since my blog is budget meets style, let me showcase a variety of different looks perfect for grad day! All are budget friendly, with the shoes being most expensive of the looks. I tried to stay with low and comfy looking heels because Idk, I did a lot of standing during grad and my feet kinda hurt. I hope you enjoy these looks, and please leave me some feedback, I love responding to comments on your blogs and engaging!


Thursday, May 1, 2014


        As an African woman, this story has really struck home hard. Anyone who knows me, knows how important I believe education is, and for 234 girls to go missing in Nigeria simply because they were attending school, breaks my heart! Secondly, I really hate how God is misrepresented across ALL religions sometimes. No matter what God you believe in, I believe we all come from the same ONE. The group allegedly involved with this operation is an extremist terrorist group called Boko Haram. This relatively new group was rather quiet for the first portion of its existence according to various reputable online sources that I've been reading. Then in 2010, things went left. It sounds as if, they rebuke Western influence and everything relative to it, among other ideologies of course, so education is definitely one. Unfortunately, schools, Christian churches, current Nigerian government related organizations among others have been targeted.

         Being born and raised in Africa, I am in pain. I understand that conviction can drive people to do whatever, but this right here, is too much. I can not imagine the atrocities that these girls have faced thus far since being abducted. Furthermore, I don't understand why interventions by the world have been minimal. This is HUGE. Abducting 1-2 people is a lot of work, 234 why? what? And worse, they are children. It takes numbers to move about it! Make it a conversation, lets move!