Thursday, May 1, 2014


        As an African woman, this story has really struck home hard. Anyone who knows me, knows how important I believe education is, and for 234 girls to go missing in Nigeria simply because they were attending school, breaks my heart! Secondly, I really hate how God is misrepresented across ALL religions sometimes. No matter what God you believe in, I believe we all come from the same ONE. The group allegedly involved with this operation is an extremist terrorist group called Boko Haram. This relatively new group was rather quiet for the first portion of its existence according to various reputable online sources that I've been reading. Then in 2010, things went left. It sounds as if, they rebuke Western influence and everything relative to it, among other ideologies of course, so education is definitely one. Unfortunately, schools, Christian churches, current Nigerian government related organizations among others have been targeted.

         Being born and raised in Africa, I am in pain. I understand that conviction can drive people to do whatever, but this right here, is too much. I can not imagine the atrocities that these girls have faced thus far since being abducted. Furthermore, I don't understand why interventions by the world have been minimal. This is HUGE. Abducting 1-2 people is a lot of work, 234 why? what? And worse, they are children. It takes numbers to move about it! Make it a conversation, lets move!

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Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

This is really sad, I just pray for God's protection upon them and Nigeria.