Friday, August 30, 2013

Sun-kissed Orange

I was testing out taking pictures by myself using a tri-pod. It was a half success, half fail lol. I love this dress, I included it in my haul video which was my second youtube  video ever! Although I love the drapery of the dress, I did want to secure it down with a gold accent belt to accentuate my shape and also to add a nice pop of shimmer! Oh yes, the shoes were my grad 6 inches!

Dress- Forever 21 $7.50
Belt- Charlotte Russe 3/$1.99
Necklace- HM $1.00
Heels- Lucky Brand via $29.99

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What's in yours?

I am the most simplest person. I switch bags out like crazy so I just have the bare essentials in my purse:
Wallet (of course)-Urban Outfitters
Rose Salve-Anthropologie
Cell Phone (a must)
Bare Minerals dual Lippie- Sephora
Nail File
+ Hand Lotion VS
What's  in your bag?


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dress me up...

I have been living out of a suitcase for most of this summer. So I have had few options as far as my wardrobe because I have been limited by space. Luckily, I have learned to deal with that issue by layering and using pop's of color. This outfit post strictly is to show you guys how to diversify one base piece (dress) and use it for a special occasion, a trip to the park or mall, or out at night with friends. I bought the dress actually for graduation weekend in June from Forever 21 for like $22.80. I was super stoke about it and it fits so well. I love to be modest yet sexy!

Fancy Dinner with the BF

Dress- Forever 21 $22.80
Cardigan- Target  $6.98
Skinny Leather belt- Target $3.88
Clutch- Talbots (gifted from mommy)
Heels-  Nine West $30

Night Out with the Homies

Denim Top- HM $19.99
Skinny Leatherette Belt- Target $3.98
Heels- Target $8.98
Cross body- Target $13.98
Necklace- Target $8.98
Mall Trip with Friends
Shirt- HM $7
Belt- Charlotte Russe 3/$1.99
Sandals- Report via Urban Outfitters $9.99
Earrings- c/o AfroBeat Jewelry

Monday, August 19, 2013

Call me Cruella!

These sunglasses which look like they belonged to Cruella Deville herself, are everything! I love them. Unique, vintage with a touch of modern day flare. Some of you might remember this skirt I'm rocking from a previous post (Day to Night Easter). It is a traditional Ndebele skirt that I utilize in my everyday wardrobe.
And as usual, I scored on prices for all the elements of this outfit! Bargain Nonee
strikes again!

Striped Blouse- Ross $7.99
Traditional Ndebele Skirt- Mom's closet
Sandals- Herbergers $13 (dept. store in Midwest)
Bracelet, Necklace- Forever 21 $1.80 each
Earrings- Target $4
Sunglasses- Charlotte Russe $2.99
White Tank- HM $3

Pink lippie- whisper by maybelline $5.69 <<-- love it!

Style Files: Peonies


Peonies by fashinonee featuring Saako

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gone Tribal

Today is so bittersweet for me. I am so sad that my brother is leaving me and going back to his reality. It has been an awesome summer...renegading like kids all over the northwest! Hanging with all my brothers! I will keep this memory, among amazing memories, forever. If there is one thing to say, wise words of sorts, the most important thing in life, is relationships...and your character. I'm working on mine...for life...

White Tank- Ross for $2
Maxi Sheer Skirt- HM for $7
Aztec Tote- Forever 21 for $7.50
Beaded Necklace- Charlotte Russe for $1.99
Beaded Bracelet- A small boutique in Walla Walla, WA
Sandals- Gifted from Rwanda

Monday, August 12, 2013

Youtube Cherry Popped...

So guess what...?

I started a CHANNEL...Woohoo! Celebrations all around. Scary stuff  though. I am putting myself all the way out there and it is scary. Now it is time to learn boundaries for real...holla! Can't wait for more filming! It
is so exciting!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Brights

Man, these last few weeks have truly been humbling and also a time forme to really learn patience. After I found the two gray hairs in the middle of my head, I realized that I need to calm down. I expected that after school I would find a job right away and settle down and that has not been the case at all. In fact, I have been failing at my hustle and couch surfing (lol kinda).

Regardless, my joy never fails. I love to laugh and enjoy life. And everyone starts somewhere right?!?!!! I love my photographer Taji (my bf). He is awesome! He was in town so of course I had photograph me. This outfit is so bright! I love it! I love bright colors like no other and I like to be radical in my outfit choices yet

Peplum Top- Target $9
Denim Shirt- HM $24.99
Pants- HM $10
Report Sandals- Urban Outfitters $9.99
Skinny Belt- Charlotte Russe $1.99/3 (*score*)
Mint Necklace- Charlotte Russe $8.50
Earrings- Forever 21 $2.99 (*score*)
Hair Flower- gifted

Style Files.

Sexy Ethnic