Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Green Mamba...

Up till about 2 months ago, I was not a fan of Seattle, WA. I was a die-hard Portlander since I lived there for two years and had fallen in love with this city I had called home. Then, I went to the Capital Hill neighborhood and I was in awe. It was such a progressive area. I then realized that Capitol Hill was the cultural epicenter of Seattle and saw a glimpse of what living there would be like. It was a baby San Fran although I have never been to San Fran...but it was artists paradise. No one was a "cookie cutter" like the rest of Seattle...everyone had their own footprint/ identity and embraced it wholeheartedly. I love those types of sub-cultural areas because I thrive on individuality and self-expression. Anyway, while roaming around Capitol Hill I found a thrifty and nifty store called CrossRoad's Trading Company. I am in LOVE! It is an awesome 2nd hand store with amazing finds. The buyers are very careful of what they buy. So everything is rad-ical and in style. Find one of these stores if you are ever in an area where they have one...flippin' worth it! My gorgeous maxi is totes from there and was a steal! 

Denim Shirt- HM for $24.95
White Tank- HM for $7
Scarf for Turban- HM for $3
Ivory Feather Necklace and Gold Disk Earrings- C/O of AfroBeat Jewelry
Faux Snakeskin belt- Target for $9
Neon Purse- Target for $14
Pleated Maxi Skirt- Crossroads Trading Co for $10
Sandals- Report frm UO for $9.99


sophia La Style said...

Love this look.

Haley Titus said...

style crush of the day goes to you my darling! great looks here :)

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Carolyn said...

I live in Capitol Hill! best part of the city ;)

Closet Voyage said...

So cool what you put together on such a tight budget!

Brittany Foley said...

Love your skirt! Great outfit post(:
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courtney parker said...

Your skirt is gorgeous!


Bárbara R. Portela said...

Lovely look!

Dammy A. said...

Love the look! xxx