Thursday, April 24, 2014

TRBK Campaign Trail

Two posts ago,  I announced that I had partnered up with my brother and his girlfriend Tasha to form . The excitement obviously was just too real! I decided to share on my blog pictures from our campaign trail prior to our launch because they were pretty fantastic. Tash, my brother, and I are all pretty fashion savvy and forward thinking individuals. So this venture, is driven by passion, and also so much fun!!! We are enjoying the ride along the way and soaking it up!

The amazing thing about our company is that it is a true startup. We are writing the blueprint along the way, being guided by varying ideas and concepts, yet playing cards by trying new things. We have been blessed by the passion, commitment, and effort of all parties and we are anxiously awaiting the day when we can pop bottles and chill. It will come...

T. Ngazimbi, Co-founder, Lead Buyer,
Sustainability Coordinator

Tasha, Co- founder, Market Analyst & Strategist

Nonee, Co-founder, Media Manager

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