Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Daisy Craze!

Living in Portland has had it's ups and downs with the weather but this past weekend, mother nature brought a much needed swirl of warm cheer and cozy joy. I was up at Mt. Tabor enjoying the scenery, apart from the drunkards who were partying in the park during the day (high school kids [at least I hope they were not more grown than that because that is just embarrassing] <--gone are the days thank goodness).


The grass was full of daisies every where you looked and it was just beautiful. I managed to find a twin daisy (eeee so cool!). The sun was shining and I had just indulged myself in my favorite subway sandwich (philly cheesesteak). I had a lovely friend to talk to, enjoy the sunshine with; so the plan of studying and doing homework quickly disappeared and sun bathing kicked into action. Let me tell ya, I surely got my great dose of Vitamin D that day!

Which reminds me, remember to get enough Vitamin D. Since we live in Oregon and there is no sun (Vit D synthesized in skin by sun), take those supplements or drink that milk (soy milk). At least 400 IU a day. Vit D has been linked to reducing risks of developing rickets and other bone issues, and most importantly, cancer. The end of that health rant! 

Dear Mother Nature,
Forget us not. We appreciated the great weather you brought. Please, keep it that way!
Kindly and sincerely,