Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vintage Rollin'

Outfit of the Day

Africa was amazing for many reasons. One of those reasons was
 rummaging through my mom's old closet at my house and also her
 old closet at my granny's house.I got so many items from her that 
are just classic pieces and I was so excited. This is my new favorite
skirt. I love old clothes that have a story to go along with them. I actually 
found a picture of my mom wearing this skirt. Also found 
out that my mom was as slim as me right now when she was 35 which is
 an amazing fact.  And that when she was my age, her body was 
intensely modelesque. Thank you genes for somehow skipping that on me!

Cami- Fuego
Maxi Skirt- Mom's Old Closet (Truworths)
Denim Wedges- H&M

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