Thursday, October 11, 2012

Naturally Curly- Roc Diaries #2 looks long! Until it shrinks (1 year, 5 months natural)

I am definitely feeling like I am pulling teeth with my hair just to get it to 
cooperate and grow. I seriously have the kinkiest hair ever! I have to 
stretch my hair out like this to look like progress has been made since 
I cut it otherwise it is a consistent inch long. My current problem, 
For more on my hair products in read more!
 My hair products:

My Leave-In Conditioner that I AMAZING! Works well to soften hair!
A friend introduced me, and I am hooked! A little goes a long ways!

Use Olive Oil as frequently as possible! Great for deep conditioning
Cheap but does the job...very well! Leaves my hair soft
Good compilation of oils and does the job!

Have had this bottle since day 2 of being natural and it's still going strong! Thick oil.

Love this brand! I suggest you mix into deep conditioner because it melts into liquid and pours off your head!
And finally my 2 best friends! Since day 2
 With all this, why is my hair acting like a stubborn cat? I am
trying to convince my hair that I am in a deep long lasting 
relationship and that I am committed and love it dearly but
who knows if it's listening?

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