Monday, February 25, 2013

Mid-Winter Elegance

Outfit of the Day

I literally slept 4 hours last night because of a long paper. However,
the paper related to pesticide exposure among farmworkers and
the effects on the body. It was such an interesting topic, and anyone
who knows me, knows I am big on human rights. I advocate for 
anyone and I am a die hard when it comes to equality for all especially
my brothers and sisters who work hard and risk their health so I can have 
fresh fruits and veges at my table each day. Anywho, today was senior 
pictures and I dressed up! My always motto is quality over quantity!
Bargain Nonee!

Peacoat- gifted from brother (HM)
Print Dress- HM for $10
Tights- Target for $2
Wedged Pumps- Call it Spring for $10
Envelope Clutch- HM for $3
Necklace/Ring- Forever 21 for $3 total
Velvet Head wrap- Forever 21 for $3


Ak Yasmine said...

cute dress,great outfit and I love the shooes :)
I'm your newest follower;would be nice if you can follow me back :)

Nonee said...

Oh thank you! Yes definitely will follow back.