Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mint for Spring

Outfit of that Day

I am wanting to be happy about graduating but I am STRESSED! I
am overwhelmed with life but I am working hard and trying to sustain
my grades as well as sustain my life outside of school (if one actually
existed).Aggh! Anywho dah dah, here is a spoof of my senior pictures.

The dress I'm wearing has a funny story, I was in South Africa this last
summer and I went shopping at Sandton Mall in Joburg. There I am
and I walk into Mr. Price which I loved the style, not so much the quality,
and I see this gorgeous mint dress (which in SA they are like 2 seasons
ahead of us as far as clothes and style go). I was like ahhh, threw the dress
some shade, acted like I was too good for it. Then, my cousin Xoli and
I went shopping again and she made me try it on and GAHHH, I loved it!

Dress- Mr. Price in SA
Heels- Simply Vera by Vera Wang
Skinny belt- Charlotte Russe
White Tank- HM
Jewelry- Forever 21


Lorraine said...

Cute minty dress :)

With Love,

Nonee said...

Thanks Ashley!