Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The beginning.

Outfit of the Day

Today was my last day of my undergraduate! I am thrilled, nervous, excited, and anxious
over what is coming next. I am happy with everything and I am so excited to have
my family in town for such a joyous occasion like graduation. And I am even more excited to
celebrate with my friends who I cherish. I will definitely post grad pictures next 
Monday so just watch out! Today's outfit is a chill one...last day type thing. 

To all my classmates: the great, the good, the annoying, the fake, the bougie,

Denim Shirt- HM
Print Tank- Forever 21
Cami- Old Navy
Jeggings- Mavi Jeans (Sample Sale in NY fashion district)
Sandals- Some store in midwest
Cross-body- Burlington Coat Factory

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