Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Natural Hair Story: I am not my hair

This seems so cliche because so many Black or Mixed women bloggers  I know, blog about their natural hair and how to care for it etc. I relate 100% and I am on those blogs just like everybody else. However, I try not to make that my main focus because I want to reach all people or all backgrounds; so whether your wavy, straight, kinky, or curly; brown, green, red, or yellow, I want to be accessible at the point where all our differences meet, while staying true to me. Is this difficult? No not really because in my mind I like to be easy (but in reality it is sugar)! Today is the day that I do want to talk about my hair. It is my story, and I finally, want to share...

"I can't believe I lived my whole life until I was 19, not knowing anything, at all about my own hair" 

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an afropolitaine said...

Nice post and this hair issue, as long as we have hair, will always be with us...I wrote about this a bit back from a bit of a different angle --> i AM my hair