Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nurses Stylin'

Matching booties & Vintage Sweaters = Spring Day Perfection

Blouses, Mixed Prints + TOMS

  This is a brief introduction to street finds where I will take pictures of things around me and post on here.

 These ladies all are classmates and I just so happened to photograph them yesterday. I especially love the booties the two first ladies are wearing and they got them at a small boutique in Sacramento so I just found similar ones so that if you were interested, you could find as well.

 Similar booties to ones shown: Call it Spring or Steve Madden

I love the contrasting flavor the second lady has with the black sheer floral blouse and mixed print scarf. It adds an element of excitement to the piece. I love how she casuals down the piece with some leggings and glitter black TOMS

I can hardly wait to take more pictures of people and start posting because it is interesting to gain new perspective about putting things together.