Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Foodie/Mind 'Fit'spiration

Let's call it like it is, Shall we!

I want to be one with myself in every way possible. This
includes feeding my body the absolute best and treating it
with compassion and care. I should know all about compassion 
and care since I am going to be a nurse in less than a year. But 
lets keep it real, eating healthy, going to the gym, and balancing
life is not easy AT ALL!

What I want out of life and what I strive for:

1. A healthy balance diet filled with whole grains and raw veges 
and fruit; and minimizing the dairy, meats, and fats.

 2. I would love to exercise at least 5 days a week, at least 30 mins/day. Not to lose
weight but just to keep my body active; the endorphins flowing and the muscles
in tone. 

3. Finally, the spiritual body, is just as important as the physical. As we
move into the new year, I want to remind you that there
is no one greater than God we serve. I serve a merciful and wonderful God. He is
so loving, forgiving, and takes me as his own each and everyday regardless of my 
shortcomings. I want to rededicate my life each day I arise, alive to God. 
His love endures forever Psalms 136:26

"Make Me Over"-The Walls Group

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