Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Zulu Warrior" New Year Giveaway

AfroBeat Jewelry is giving away this beautiful pair of earrings...classically called:
"Zulu Warrior"

For more pics, follow this "Zulu Warrior"
 A wooden shield combined with a rusty golden bead is a subtle remnant of strength and aggression. Inspired by the great warrior Shaka Zulu, it will add a simple but noticeable touch to any outfit! 

The winners ARE: NMinjire and Starry Devotchka. Will contact you guys soon!

Contest Open till 01/04, winner will be announced 01/04 @ 8p.m. Eastern Time

How do you enter for this giveaway:
 1. Like The Pinnest's Journal on Facebook or follow 
@AfroJewelry on Twitter or Subscribe to the blog
2. Comment below leaving your twitter name or FB name
Names will be submitted for a random draw. Winner will be announced Friday at 8 p.m. eastern time right here on the blog. For your name to be submitted into the hat for drawing, you have had to have liked the facebook page, followed on twitter, or subscribed to the blog by 12 p.m. Friday January 4th, 2013. 


Anonymous said...

May God bless the work of your hands. @nminjire

Mindy said...

I absolutely love these earings!!! @mindy.thornton6

Suzy Mitchell said...

Noni! Pick me! Jordyn would love the bracelet for her birthday! We miss you!

Aurora said...

I better be in the drawing now that i intend to follow the instructions...:p Nancy Minjire

fishfromheaven said...

@starry_devotchka loves your blog! Keep going strong!

Madeline said...

Love the earrings! If I don't win I think I'll just buy some anyways :)

Madeline Russell

JOY said...

LOVE these Nonee!

Yvette Joanne Asenjo

Jess said...

Nonee I want these!

Jessica Alvarez

Ashley said...

I love these earrings!! I Like your page on FB.

My twitter name is @ASassyWoman and my email address is

Nonee said...

Thank you everyone for participating! Starry and NMinjire won the giveaway! Keep looking out for more giveaways:)