Friday, September 6, 2013

Love at the core...

The Struggle is real ya'll...

The last four months have been a major life change. I feel so crippled almost...although getting a degree, a nurse license, etc are supposed "crutches", I feel like a fish out of water; kind of feel as if I have been tossed into a sea, no life jacket or anything. I know that I am not alone here. There are so many new grads out there who are experiencing the same thing. I think I have to be one of the most positive people I know, but my positivity is running low...I honestly am taking it one day at a time and letting go, and allowing and trusting in the process. I know that God has plan for my life and that for as hard as I've worked, it's not in vain. In the words of my fav cartoon, and one of my fav sweetest young bloggers (R.I.P Talia):

"Just keep Swimming"
photos taken at NewPort Beach, OR


Kate M said...

Hey sweetie,
Loving the romantic photos of the sunset on the beach
Thank you for following me
I am now following you back
Hope you have a fantastic day
Lots of love
Kate xo

Whilelmina's Closet said...

Great post!! love the pictures and your dress is beautiful!!

Leah Symonne said...

very nice! I hope you start feeling a lot better about things very soon. just keep swimming!

x leah symonne x

Cylia said...

hope you're feeling alright this weekend! New things are always exciting yet scary.. God has a plan for you and you just have to step in this plan :) I'm sure you'll find your way to this path..

Jenny Gvozdeva said...

Nice pics!
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Kicky Jane
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Latasha Milliner said...

Beautiful photos...Take a look at my blog!