Tuesday, October 15, 2013


So late guys, but the end of Sept (about two weeks ago) I went to SoCal for a music and worship conference...AMAZING TIME!!! Really enjoyed myself and my little heart was so blessed beyond measure! God is woohoo great! Also, my bro Thulani lives there and so does his gf's family so I spent time with them. It was SO GREAT to see my brother and Tasha (his gf). I love those guys. We had such an amazing time! They did their best to show me SoCal with the little time we had. 

Top 5 moments:
1. Traveling with the Sharon Church Choir (fun times)
2. Spending quality time with my brother (priceless)
3. Singing with SANGERS!!! 
4. Fashion destrict and sample sales
5. Cranking out an idea with my brother that is very EXCITING for us and you!

Rozalind (my roomie), myself, and Linda 

Sample Sale'ing it with Thulani and Tasha and fam

Tasha and Jerri (mama Tasha)

Alexia and Thulani figuring out the totally awesome lock 

Thulani and old friend Mish (old college buddy)

Mish and myself after the concert


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