Friday, October 25, 2013

A day at a time...

So...I MOVED!!! I am shamefully no longer a Portlander which is bittersweet for me. I finally got my first "real" job in Washington state and it is so terrific! Super exciting. I am having a great time so far. So today  marks the end of my first week. As some may or may not know, I am a nurse! The life of any medical professional ranging from caregiver to doctor is a hectic one! Always mostly busy, and a lot of different ideas to keep in mind. Anywho...last week Friday, Tajli and I went on a fabulous drive down one of my new fav roads. Fun times, anything that reminds me of home (Zimbabwe), I am there! I call this skirt my "GROWN WOMAN) maxi (beyonce inuendo). "You love the walk, huh huh huh, I walk with vengeance!" lol

Sweater:  HM for $7
Maxi Skirt: HM for $5
Boots: Ruff Hewn via Herbergers for $4.99 (*SCORE*)
Satchel: Wilson's Leather for $30
Turban Scarf: HM for $3
Necklace: HM for $1.50
Bracelets: HM for $1

----> I LOVE HM<----


Leah Symonne said...

Awesome outfit & amazing pictures! Good luck on your first real job! :)

x leah symonne x

Elizabeth said...

Good luck with your new job! I love your skirt! Maybe we could follow each other?


Lenya said...

First things first. Congrats on the new job!!!
Lovely outfit. Love the skirt, the print is so beautiful and your bag is amazing. Love it.
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. You made me smile :-) I follow you now on GFC #41. Please let's keep in touch.

Katja Š said...

Lovely look, I love that top and necklace :)!
congratulations on moving and your new job :)
Just followed, hope you visit me :)
have a lovely day :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the support! Followed you back! :)

Sergio Alba said...

Love your blog!!!
Started following your blog via GFC, would you like to follow me?


Eli said...

You look so beautiful! And happy :) congrats on the new job, my sister is a nurse too! She just switched focus and is in the ER now and I can't believe the crazy things she tells me that happens there!