Monday, May 14, 2012

Hand-crafted goodness, Nurses, & Haul

Exploration: Newport Seafood Grill on River (super nice)
                   Market on Philadelphia and Ivanhoe (found some cool stuff)
                   Gained the confidence to ask a random stranger for a photo

Christine Shelton- jewelry and accessory extraordinaire
Went to her table and she had some amazing jewelry and wonderful accessories. 
Check out more of her work on her Etsy store Teenie Birdie Designs

Some of Christine's pieces...loving the mini jar and the black one

What made this table more appealing was presentation...earthy goddess type feel

Snatched an interesting find at her table, where else will I find wood
buttons like this. And I could do some major DIY with these.
Could be earrings, could be a bracelet, could be a necklace, a hair accessory...or just a button
Last week was Nurse's Week. And with that honor, my job decided 
to give each nurse a potted flower (ummm). But it was pretty and its 
the thought that counts. 

So stay alive!
 Am going to a wedding in a few weeks and everyone knows that 
African weddings are dress to kill. With that said, I had to 
find a very classy, chic dress and shoes for the event. The search was...
nice and short!

Shoes: ELLE from Kohls
Dress: Hailey Logan by Andrea Papell