Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nude Pump!...Where?

Jessica Simpson Marcie Peep Toe
Jessica Simpson Callie Pumps
Steve Madden Beautey Platform
Charles David "Donati" Pumps
"My Wish List"
If only I could get my hands on these babies! They are all so adorable and not overwhelming. All are plain and work with anything you can possibly think of. I especially LOVE the wedges.
I am such a picky girl when it comes to finding heels. And seriously, I have been on the hunt for cute nude pumps forever. I have looked everywhere I want to look and have not found any that meet all the criteria:
1) Can not look cheap
2) Reputable brand
3) Can work for church and going out
4) Less than $70
O! Sounds so simple. But, the search has been long and weary. I have been unable to find something that works or when I go back for it, it's gone and not in my size. So this short compilation consists of double-time nude pumps. 

p.s- I am so sorry. I have been so busy with school, work, and homework. It is absolutely driving me nuts. But I will start working hard on The Pinnest's Journal once  I get situated in my new job and caught up with school. Have lots to show...just went on a Target, Old Navy, Papaya, and H&M Haul. Also, working on a shoot  make-up, wardrobe, and photography by me. So stay tuned! I'm still alive.