Monday, May 21, 2012

Outfit of the Day

I am going to start taking pictures of my daily outfits 
just because...and this is the 1st one ever of myself 
for my blog.

Name: Nonhlanhla "Nonee" Ngazimbi
Passion: Jack of all trades, trying to master one (Nursing Student, Wanna be Style figure, Music, Writing)
Fun Fact: 1000% African

The highlight is my Relic watch that my brother bought me for Christmas. 
I tend to cherish and over-use anything I receive from those who love me.

H&M pants, Aldo Oxfords, Cardigan from Papaya, and plain white T...


Sarah Onken said...

You look great! Miss you girl!

Nonee said...

Thank Sarah! Miss you too!