Friday, March 28, 2014

9 Places to 'Spring Harvest'

Idk about you guys, but I love shopping after a fashion season has ended! Well, its because you get the same exact item for 50-90% of retail value and I 'm all about those discounts, sales, and sticking to a budget (most of the time)! Its spring and all the Fall/Winter items have gone on sale. I am going to share with you guys my favorite stores and websites thus far that I have found to have the best quality bargain items!

Here is a list of 9 of my favorite "more pics" for more in-depth info!

1. : great deals on last season items; great place for the bargain savvy
2. JcP : my favorite department ever; when they did their major relaunch in 2013 where Nick Wooster was hired to turn things around, JcP got on the map as far as young minds. I absolutely adore Joe Fresh and also when Nick Wooster was in charge he was collaborating with designers like Duro Olowu which was such a fresh idea. I get home goods, clothes, and DIY items from there with the Martha Stewart line. 
3. H&M : a staple spot for me; quality, trendy, and affordable, and when they have sales, it is a sale for sure.
4. Little Black Bag : I am relatively new but I bought a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes for $13 the other day, need  I say more?
5. Macys : most definitely a hit or miss as far as prices go. I would classify this store as a step down from Nordstroms so their prices are a little up there but the end of season clearance sales are usually pretty amazing as well as Christmas and Black Friday! I bought a pair of slip on leather flats for $11. That was pure luck and end of season sale.
6. Ross : I don't usually shop for clothes at Ross ever because I think the quality can be poor. However, special occasion dresses and some specialty brand shoes are available there. It also can be a hit or miss. But I especially love the decor and home goods section. Great stuff at affordable prices.
7. Shoedazzle : Some places it is just finding out how you can hustle something and if you join shoe dazzle as a VIP you get 50% off your first purchase and also VIP pricing on select shoes. In addition, the other day, they gave out $10.00 credits. So I was able to get a shoe from the Gx by Gwen Stefani shoe line that was originally $89.95 for $19.95. And it is sexy! Score
8. TjMaxx : I LOVE THIS STORE...mostly for bags, jewelry, shoes, and home goods. At the end of season sale, I got a pair of Ralph Lauren flats for $10. Also, I love surfing their home goods department and getting ideas. The greatest part is that it is usually super affordable!
9. Target : I love Target for their meats, home goods, beauty, and style items! Target is awesome for when things go on sale and especially style items; they usually go on sale fast after they debut. Also, Target is known for doing collaborations such as recently Peter Pilotto, in the past Neimen Marcus, Prabal Gurung, etc. Target meat is spend but delicious. There is honestly a distinct difference between it, and meat purchased elsewhere. The flavor is so rich and not bland. I LOVE the home goods section. Their assortment is fresh and accommodating to all palettes. 

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Budget friendly items are always a plus! Refreshing read :-).