Friday, March 7, 2014

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Happy Friday! It is been a while since I posted and honestly I could post every other day if I was dedicated lol. The year is zooming by...last year I had 71 posts and that really disheartened me. I vow to have over 100 fashion style posts alone this year...that is a personal goal I have made lol seeing that there are 90 days in three months I think I can do it if I commit to 3 personal style posts every week! Have a magical weekend and a even more fantastic day! xoxo

p.s-I have a love affair with Joe Fresh, more importantly with prints!

Dress: Joe Fresh for JCP for $7
Purse: Betsey Johnson via Nordstrom Rack for $13
Sandals: Prabal Gurung for Target for $10
Turban Scarf: HM for $3
Ivory Feather Necklace: c/o AfroBeat Jewelry
Earrings: c/o AfroBeat Jewelry
Opal-like Tear Drop Necklace: HM for $3
Dream Necklace: Forever 21 for $1.50
Rings: HM for $4.95


Marion Bertorello said...

I love so so much this look !
You look amazing ;)
Kisses <3

Renata B. said...


Francesca Giagnorio said...

You look stunning my dear! Your bag is really amazing


Ghada Fadia said...

This is a very cute dress. Thank you for your comment and sure we would love to follow you, following you now and waiting for you to do the same
a beautiful maison

Oriana Campanella said...

This outfit is amazing! I love the dress but also the other items are fab, moreover they are sooo chip!!! Thanks for your visit, dear! Let's keep in touch!

Sofia A. said...

So beautiful! I love your dress

Margaret Dallospedale said...

Wonderful!!!! I love ypur outfit sweetie
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L'amour de Juliette said...

Oh, I love that dress :)


João Galhardo said...

awesome dress :)

Ivana said...


Alina said...

Thank you for your nice comment! Maybe you’d like to follow me too? 
Kisses, Alina

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Sandra - More Style Than Fashion said...

You look great! Love it!

x Sandra