Thursday, March 7, 2013


Outfit of That Day

Today is a strange day for me. I feel uncomfortably vulnerable;a feeling
I have not had much since I was a child. I long for peace and wellness in 
my crazy stressful life. Despite the ill feelings, I wore this last Friday and
have been meaning to put it up all week but my plate has been full. I was 
lusting for this neon ampersand sweater and I picked it up from F21 
a couple week ago. This is an edgy piece for me, appropriate for 
my day today...(deep breaths) it's almost the weekend!

Leather jacket- Macys (old)
Sweater- F21
Maxi dress- Macys
Boots- Ruff Hewn from Herbergers
Bag- Wilson's Leather
Ring/Necklace- HM
Hair Flower- Macys giftef

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